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Incorporated in 1966, the mission of the Yorktown Police Benevolent Association (PBA) is to promote the good and welfare of the union and its members and to support the goodwill of the community. Currently at 47 members, the Yorktown PBA strongly believes that its officers, because of the positions they hold, have an obligation to serve as goodwill ambassadors in the community. The Yorktown PBA proudly points out that more than half of its members are Yorktown natives and that many members live in Yorktown.

Among the many community outreach programs either sponsored or supported by the Yorktown PBA are:

The Alliance for Safe Kids

Toys for Tots

Swim Olympics

Child Fingerprinting

and the D.A.R.E. program,

which is supported with both financial and personnel contributions.

The Yorktown PBA also provides annual financial contributions to numerous local and national charities. Among the community outreach projects the Yorktown PBA is planning for the future include workshops to help the community address issues of importance, such as  teen drinking, identity theft and CPR.

The Yorktown PBA and the Community

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